Air Dessert for the New Year ‘s Table Recipe
There is a lot of delicious food on the new year’s table, which is why the festive dessert should be tender, light and airy. Despite the fact that this dessert has a lot of cream , it is perfect as a light not too sweet dessert after a hearty meal. Preparing a treat is very simple, fast and without baking. No one can resist such a temptation.
Cook Time
Cook Time
For the white layer:
For the chocolate layer:
For the chocolate glaze:
  1. Prepare the first layer of dessert. Add the gelatin to the milk and leave it to swell.
  2. Pour all the powdered sugar into the cold cream and add the vanilla.
  3. Beat the cream with a mixer until soft peaks.
  4. Gelatin stood swollen, now it needs to be heated to about 60 degrees ( I heated it in the microwave ), when the gelatin is completely dissolved hot milk immediately does not need to be poured into whipped cream, for this we take a little whipped cream and add it to a bowl with milk and dissolved gelatin. Mix well to cool the milk.
  5. Milk with gelatin has become a little warm and now slowly add it to the whipped cream. Beat with a mixer. The result is a fragrant air mass, pour it into a pre-prepared form – (the sides and bottom of the form to grease with vegetable oil, the size of the form is 34×23 cm). Send the form to the refrigerator so that the first layer freezes for about 25-30 minutes . Cover the form with cling film.
  6. Now prepare the second chocolate layer : it is prepared in the same way as the first layer only add the melted chocolate. Pour the gelatin into the milk, mix it and leave it to swell. Then melt the chocolate, add 100 ml of cream and put it in the microwave, stirring constantly, so that the mass becomes homogeneous.
  7. Just as with the first layer, warm up the swollen gelatin and milk to 60 degrees ( the gelatin should completely dissolve ). In the remaining cream-400 ml, add powdered sugar and liqueur (Baileys- you can do without it), whisk until soft peaks. In whipped cream add the melted chocolate should be slightly warm.
  8. And again, beat the cream with the melted chocolate with a mixer.
  9. As with the first layer, add a little whipped cream with chocolate to the milk with gelatin to cool it. Mix everything well. Then pour the cooled milk with gelatin into the whipped cream with chocolate and gently beat with a mixer.
  10. The first layer is completely frozen, take it out of the refrigerator, remove the food film and carefully pour the second layer on top of it – the chocolate layer. Cover the form with cling film and send it back to the refrigerator until it completely solidifies.
  11. To prepare the third layer -chocolate glaze: pour the gelatin with milk, mix and leave to swell. Add powdered sugar to the cream and heat to 60 degrees. Add the chocolate to the heated cream and leave for 2 seconds for the chocolate to melt. Now mix it until smooth. Gelatin is swollen , we heat it to 60 degrees (in the microwave), so that it is well dissolved in milk. Pour in the chocolate milk with gelatin and mix everything.
  12. Get the dessert out of the refrigerator and carefully pour the third layer of icing on it. Send the dessert back to the refrigerator until completely solidified. Covering it with cling film.
  13. When the dessert is completely frozen, take it out of the refrigerator and cut it into portions ( the knife should be lowered into warm water before slicing the dessert, and then wipe dry). Decorate the dessert as desired and serve cold to the table.
  14. Bon Appetit!

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