Buckwheat with Vegetables in the Sleeve Recipe
Crumbly, fragrant, juicy buckwheat, cooked in a baking sleeve. Without a drop of water! Just vegetable juice and a little vegetable oil. The dish is simple and absolutely not troublesome, prepared with a minimum of your efforts. It’s delicious! Try.
  1. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater. Cut the onion into a small cube. Cut the sweet pepper into a slightly larger cube. The weight of already peeled vegetables is given.
  2. Tomatoes can be grated on a coarse grater or finely chopped. I use frozen (since summer) tomatoes, without defrosting beforehand.
  3. Heat the buckwheat groats in a dry pan for about three minutes.
  4. Put all the vegetables and buckwheat in the baking sleeve. Add salt and season with your favorite spices. I use garlic powder, Adyghe salt and smoked paprika. Pour in the vegetable oil. (any refined)
  5. Shake the baking sleeve well. In this way, buckwheat, vegetables and spices move evenly.
  6. Tie the sleeve, make a few small punctures, so that during cooking, the air can freely escape from the sleeve. Transfer the sleeve with buckwheat to a suitable shape.
  7. cook the dish in the oven at 180° for 35-40 minutes. If you want to get more porridge, then increase the cooking time by 5-7 minutes. I do not cook such buckwheat specially (why drive the oven!), but combine it with baking bread, for example, or pies, or baking meat, and put it on the free level of the oven. Convenient! The oven is fully occupied and you end up with two ready-made dishes. Remove the mold from the oven, carefully (do not burn yourself with steam!) cut the package. Everything is ready! You can serve it. By the way, when buckwheat with vegetables cools down, it becomes no less delicious.

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