Corn Sticks “Chili” Recipe
Corn sticks with ham and cheese and hot chili pepper. A great snack for lovers of spicy food!)))
  1. Let’s get started!!! In a bowl, mix a glass of corn flour and half a cup of wheat flour, add salt to taste and gradually pour in water-always hot!!- that would be better connected with corn flour. And we knead a rather thick, but at the same time viscous dough. Let the dough cool down a little. And at this time, we will cut the cheese and ham into thin strips, and very thin Chili peppers. We roll out a tortilla with a thickness of half a centimeter from the corn dough, form a square or rectangle with a knife, and cut rectangles the size of a din like strips of ham and cheese, and two centimeters wide.
  2. In the center we put a strip of cheese, ham and Chili, wrap it, pinch the edges tightly and roll it between the palms, giving the shape of a stick (as in the video). We lower it into boiling oil until a beautiful crust appears, then we remove it on a paper towel. It’s done!

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