Frittatenzuppe Recipe
Frittatensuppe (Frittatensuppe) – broth with thinly sliced pancakes. Soups in Austria are traditionally cooked in meat broth. Beef broth with various dressings turns into delicious dishes. In Austria, it is served as an appetizer rather than a main dish, unlike our cuisine.
Cook Time
Cook Time
For the broth:
For pancakes:
For serve:
  1. To reduce the cooking time of the soup, the broth can be cooked in advance. We cook beef broth. Add the whole onion and carrot when cooking a piece of beef. About 10 minutes before the end of cooking beef broth, put allspice and black pepper, bay leaf, salt. I had broth cooked since the evening. I strained it through a sieve and put it on the fire. It is important that the broth is transparent.
  2. We prepare everything for pancakes. Finely chop the parsley. The milk should be warm.
  3. Knead the dough. We combine the milk with the egg.
  4. Add flour and salt. It turned out to be quite a liquid dough.
  5. Fry the pancakes. My frying pan is D-24 cm. Grease a well-heated frying pan with oil and pour a thin layer of dough. Sprinkle immediately with a layer of chopped parsley. Fry on one side until a beautiful color.
  6. Turn over and fry until ready on the other side. We remove it on the board.
  7. We twist it into a very tight roll. From the amount of this dough, I baked 2 pancakes D-24 cm.
  8. Cut across to a width of about 1 cm. Pancakes can be simply cut into strips with a width of 1 cm and a long one, so that it is convenient to eat.
  9. We take a soup plate for serving and put the “spirals” of the sliced pancake or just strips of pancake on the bottom beautifully.
  10. Pour hot broth and sprinkle with chopped parsley (herbs).
  11. We are serving. Frittata soup (also flade soup, egg pie or pancakes) is a dish of beef broth with strips of egg pie as an inlay. In Viennese cuisine and most of Austria, the dish is called frittata soup. In the Alemannian Vorarlberg and next to it, the name Fladlesuppe is used. The word frittata comes from the Italian frittata – from frying. For cooking, egg cakes are baked from a slightly liquid dough. After cooling, they are rolled up and cut into strips. The result is called either Frittaten (Austrian) or Flädle (schwäbisch). Just before serving, you put them in plates or cups and fill them with broth…

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