Fruit Marmalade Recipe
This marmalade can be prepared from any fruit and berries that contain a lot of gelling agents. Such for example as apples, black currants. And since it’s time to drain, I made it out of them.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Prepare our plum. We will touch and wash under running water.
  2. Separate the bones. Put them in a pot and put on a slow fire. Cook stirring until soft. You can even close the lid to quickly boiled.
  3. Now shift into a colander and wipe. This hot marmalade is good to decorate cakes. If you are preparing marmalade for this purpose, it is better to wipe through a sieve.
  4. Well, now we begin to measure our ingredients. Measure the amount of mashed potatoes and add the same amount of sugar. That is 1: 1. That’s why it is not indicated in the tab, how much of what. It depends. From their fleshy and juicy.
  5. Put again on a slow fire and boil stirring until thick. Spoon a layer should hold about 2 mm. Hot lay in sterilized jars and roll. If you do for icing cakes, it is better to close them in small jars. Took, put in the micro, a little warmed to a liquid state and ready. BON APPETIT!

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