Pilaf with Turkey Thigh Recipe
Turkey meat is dietary, healthy and rich in trace elements. And if the breast is usually a dryish story, the thigh is just a discovery for me: very tasty and juicy meat both in itself and as part of the dishes. A pilaf with Turkey thigh, though not claims to be compared with the original recipe of pilaf with lamb, but it is prepared much faster, it is less fatty, and the taste is also very rich and interesting
Cook Time
Cook Time
  • 700gram Rice(I have a regular round. It should be soaked for 40 minutes in cold water, and then rinse thoroughly until the water is transparent)
  • 6tablespoons OilCotton oil, you can use sunflower or a mixture of sunflower and olive
  • 700gram Turkeythigh
  • 1tablespoon Salt
  • 1,5tablespoons SeasoningI have a mixture: cumin, paprika, barberry, saffron, coriander
  • 3pieces Onionsmedium size
  • 4pieces Carrotsnot large
  1. Heat the oil in a cauldron over medium-high heat. Cut the onion into half rings not too thin and start roasting the onion, stirring, until straw-colored.
  2. Thigh meat Turkey cut into cubes party about how phalanx of the index finger, carrot sticks, rice had previously settled in the water, rinse it until the water transparency. Control onion).
  3. When the bow is nice for gold enter the carrots. Stir, fry until carrots are elastic.
  4. Turn up the heat to maximum. Time to fry the meat. Every roughly 20 seconds with a slotted his as would shake with trawling. Do not stir non-stop, it will contribute to the fact that the meat just ahead of time will allocate juice and begin to stew.
  5. When the color of the meat you like toasted barrels, pour into a cauldron of water on the level of the contents, let boil.
  6. When everything boils, salt, add spices, reduce the heat to low and cover. 20 minutes let.
  7. After this time, do not hesitate to catch a piece of meat and bite it. As a rule, it is already ready. Cover the rice and return the heat to maximum again. Interfere while nothing is needed. We need to wait to water with the surface boils off, it did not last long. It is possible to “pierce” a lot of rice to the bottom in a few places (back side of the skimmer, for example) to ensure that the liquid was boiling, not only at the edges and in the middle meals. When the water goes out of sight, boil away, turn off the stove, cover the cauldron lid, you can just put a plate in the cauldron, but then as for me, it is very inconvenient to remove from there. Offer cover the pan, and this whole thing with a towel.
  8. After 15-20 minutes, stir the pilaf with a slotted spoon, gently lifting it from the bottom and call everyone to the table. Enjoy your meal.

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