Potato Bombs with Cheese Recipe
An amazing dish of ordinary potatoes. Scattered like hot cakes. I liked them with coffee. You can make more and then reheat before serving. Or form blanks and fry later when there is time.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. The products are the most common, which are always in the refrigerator.
  2. Grate boiled cold potatoes on a coarse grater together with onions and sausage. I have chicken.
  3. Add flour, egg, spices. Turmeric gives a yellow color. I have frozen green onions.
  4. I have already grated the cheese on a fine grater. Mix thoroughly. If the mass falls apart, add a second egg.
  5. Dip your fingers in vegetable oil and take a spoonful of mass, roll up bombs in the manner of cheesecakes.
  6. You can make such blanks in the evening and put them in the refrigerator under the lid. In the morning, you will only have to fry. I have 13 pieces of blanks.
  7. Prepare 3 bowls. First, roll the bomb in flour.
  8. Transfer to an egg whipped with cream, dip completely.
  9. Transfer with a fork to breadcrumbs, roll.
  10. Heat the oil and place the blanks in it carefully.
  11. Fry from all sides evenly.
  12. We take out the finished fried bombs on a napkin, then put them in a saucepan under the lid so that they do not cool down.
  13. The bombs can be served on a common dish or portioned hot.
  14. Here they are very hot and therefore soft inside, but then the middle will grab, it will become denser.
  15. Serve with sour cream.

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