The Salad in the Cabbage Plates Recipe
Delicious light salad, delicious both in lean form and with a non-lean supplement! Very simple to prepare.
  1. Boil the beans in a convenient way for you or in the way indicated on the package with the product. I boiled the beans in a pressure cooker, a whole pack, so that in the future it can be used for cooking different dishes, so I indicated the number of ready-made beans in the recipe.
  2. fry the broccoli in a small amount of olive oil.
  3. Divide the cabbage into leaves, I took 5 pcs.
  4. Wash the radishes and cut them into small circles. Put in a bowl, add the beans, broccoli.
  5. Lettuce leaves, peeled and sliced carrots. season with salt and olive oil. Stir. Divide the salad into 2 parts.
  6. In one part, add a boiled egg cut into cubes. put the salad in plates of red cabbage.

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