Orange Sauce for Pancakes Recipe
I offer a wonderful vitamin orange sauce, which turns out very tasty and rich. Perfect for pancakes, muffins, pancakes. Orange sauce will decorate any dessert table.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Wash the orange thoroughly (I had a large orange weighing 300 grams.).
  2. Remove the zest with a fine grater and squeeze the juice.
  3. Strain orange juice through a strainer.
  4. In a saucepan pour 200 ml. water, add orange zest and boil for 5 minutes. After optionally, you can strain from orange peel. I could barely see it, so I didn’t filter it.
  5. Then add sugar.
  6. Lemon juice.
  7. In 100 ml of cold water to dissolve starch, pour a thin stream to the sauce, while continuously stirring with a whisk. Cook until the sauce thickens. Then remove from heat.
  8. To not hot sauce add orange juice and mix well. Allow to cool completely and the sauce is ready.

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