Mulled Wine “is Almost a classic” Recipe
Mulled wine is a good drink. Pleasant to the taste, perfectly warms and in cold and nasty wet weather.
  1. The recipe is so simple that step-by-step photos don’t seem to be necessary… In a convenient cooking pot, pour out the sugar and pour in the wine. I usually cook at the rate of 250 ml per person. Put on a low heat and stir constantly with a wooden spatula until the sugar dissolves. By the way, sweetness is an individual matter, and it’s better not to report it than to shift it… in the end, You can always sweeten it during the cooking process after the sample…
  2. We throw spices and spices, orange circles (or Apple slices), lemon circles. In order that the cloves would not fall into the ladle when spilling, “stick” it in a circle of orange. All this is periodically stirred. Heat over low heat, slightly not bringing to a boil. In the Internet, “experts” scare: it is necessary to heat exactly to 70… or to 76… or to 78… I Don’t know, maybe so, but I never ran for wine with a thermometer – I heated it, whatever was hotter, I didn’t bring it to a boil – and order!!! Set aside from the heat, cover with a lid and let stand for 15 minutes…

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