Herring in Dutch Recipe


I think that this herring is the same ” Dutch-style “as that Soviet meat “French-style”. Because in Holland, herring is sold, cut into fillets, preserving the tail and sprinkling, at most, with onions. But this cooking option turned out to be very, very good and diversified our “herring table”. The recipe is found on the web in different proportions and cooking methods (both from fresh and salted herring). I tried different ways and brought out for myself the option that I liked.

Pickled Mussels with Lemon Recipe


A simple and delicious snack that is easy to prepare at home. There are similar recipes on the site, but my version is somewhat different from the existing ones. In this way, you can marinate not only mussels, but also other cooked and frozen seafood.

Backhandl Recipe


Today I want to share with you a recipe for a simple but original dish that is pre-marinated in lemon. The chicken turns out tender and insanely delicious.

Backhandl (Viennese chicken) is a dish of Austrian cuisine, which has been prepared in Austria since the XVIII century. This dish was considered the food of aristocrats, as it was distinguished by a special aroma and delicate taste.

In order for the Backhandl to turn out juicy and tasty, it must be sprinkled with lemon juice, salted and peppered and marinated for at least an hour.