Paella with Lancet Fish and Seafood Recipe
I love lancet fish for its tenderness, softness and juiciness. In it, except Central cartilage, there are no bones. But we all know that the heat treatment of this wonderful fish allocates very, very much fish juice. So let’s use this feature for the good: prepare it with paella. Let the flowing juice permeate the rice and make it a delicious, fragrant dish. And we do not need fish broth.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. So. Take the pan, which will serve the dish, put on the fire, pour olive oil-about 3 tbsp. In the center put the steak lancet fish. On the sides of her fry finely chopped onion and garlic clove.
  2. Meanwhile, 2 tomatoes scald with boiling water and remove the skin. One tomato leave (we will need it after), and the second cut into segments.
  3. Turn the lancet fish on the other side and add the chopped tomato and dry white wine. Simmer on low heat about 3 minutes – the alcohol has evaporated and the tomatoes turned out tomato paste.
  4. Meanwhile, saffron pour boiling water, let it brew.
  5. Add to the pan sliced green beans, the remaining tomato (cut into large segments to meet in the finished dish and whole pieces of tomato), bell pepper.
  6. Fill with water until about the middle of the fish steak-about 2 glasses of water (I have a glass of 250 ml), pour in a tincture of saffron, let it boil, salt, pepper. Lancet fish – so juicy fish-when cooking, part of the juice will give to the broth, and the rice turns out very tasty. And the fish, on the contrary, are nourished by the juices of vegetables, seafood, wine and it is simply fabulous. It will be so gentle that it is impossible to describe, you only need to try.
  7. The rice is poured on both sides of the fish sticks. No need to disturb him. To evenly distribute the rice you just need to shake the pan from side to side and that’s it.
  8. Spread on top of the seafood. Any that you have in stock. I had a sea cocktail, some mussels and a handful of shrimp. The amount is arbitrary-it all depends on your taste. We leave to prepare our paella on low heat until the rice absorbs all the liquid. That’s about 20 minutes.
  9. The paella is ready, immediately serve. We put a lemon nearby-everyone will water to himself to taste and, of course, we pour a glass of cold white wine. Well, what can I tell you about this dish? – yummy! Oddly enough, a very light dish, does not leave the weight, it can be safely eaten at dinner.

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