Spicy Salad with Apples and Pears Recipe
Sour-sweet apples, juicy pears, crisp cucumbers, zesty onions and a flavorful dressing based on Apple juice like made for each other. All of the ingredients so well, in harmony and make the taste of salad just unique.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. onion cut into thin chetvertfinalny. If you use regular red onion, it is scalded with boiling water, and then abruptly put it in cold water and drain in a colander. Onion becomes sweet and stays crunchy.
  2. Cucumbers cut lengthwise into four pieces, then crosswise into thin slices.
  3. Into slices of the same size to cut a pear.
  4. And peeled apples.
  5. In a bowl, mix sliced cucumbers, pears, apples and onions.
  6. In a small pan combine the Apple juice, mustard, olive oil, salt, pepper, brown sugar, finely chopped dill and lightly whisk until smooth.
  7. Pour the resulting dressing the salad, mix well. Cover with a lid and put into the fridge for an hour. During this time, fragrant, delicate filling literally envelops each slice and gives the salad an unforgettable taste.
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