Roll “Philadelphia” Recipe
Philadelphia roll is one of the most famous and popular rolls in the world. In my photo recipe I will show you how to quickly and easily learn how to make such a roll at home, using the available products.
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. On the mat Makisu place half a sheet of seaweed “nori”. Next, moisten your hands with water, in the center of the sheet put the required amount of finished rice for rolls.
  2. Distribute the rice in the center of the nori leaf along its entire length. Not be pressed on it. It should look like the photo.
  3. Carefully distribute the rice so that it protrudes a little from one edge, about 1 cm: look at the photo.
  4. Distribute the remaining rice so that the opposite edge was a strip of “nori”, unfilled rice, a width of about 1 cm.Look at the photo.
  5. Turn the “nori” with rice so that the side where there is no rice for algae, was closer to you. Look photo.
  6. In the centre spread cheese “Philadelphia”. You can reduce the amount of cheese and add other ingredients, such as tomato, cucumber or avocado. On your wish.
  7. Next, turn off the roll. To do this, lift the edge of the mat, the one that is closer to you, and wrap the filling on three sides.
  8. The edges of the “nori” should connect, and the filling will be wrapped on all four sides, You should get, as in the photo below.
  9. Turn off the roll to the end, make sure that the filling You have not got out.
  10. With the help of a mat, we give the roll the correct shape.
  11. Shift the roll to the cutting board.
  12. A piece of salted salmon put on a cutting board.
  13. With a sharp knife cut off from him the right amount of fish pieces.
  14. You will need 5 to 6 pieces of fish about 3 by 8 cm in size.
  15. We spread the fish on the roll so that it covered it on three sides.
  16. Using the mat, press the fish to the roll so that it sticks to the rice.
  17. It should look like the photo.
  18. With a sharp knife, moistened with water, cut the roll in half.
  19. Put the roll halves together.
  20. Cut the halves in half again.
  21. You should get 8 portions pieces, if desired, you can cut the roll and 6 portions pieces. Ready roll shift on a plate, decorate with wasabi paste and pickled ginger. You can sprinkle the roll with fried sesame seeds.

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