Chicken Steamed Sausage “Kaleidoscope” Recipe
Delicious, fragrant and healthy sausage. I cook for my diet. I like it))) Long live the delicious diet!! Come on, help yourself!
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Put the minced meat in a deep bowl. I took a ready-made, whole chicken, but without skin. You can cook it yourself from breast or whole chicken, preferably without skin, if with skin, then the sausage will turn out juicier, but less dietary)))
  2. Add egg and 2 tbsp. (without top) semolina.
  3. Stir and set aside the semolina to swell.
  4. For cooking vegetables. Boil the carrots, cool and cut into cubes.
  5. Put the minced meat and squeeze out 2 cloves of garlic.
  6. Heat the frozen peas with a little water for about 3 minutes.
  7. Do the same with broccoli, heat for about 5 minutes and chop. Together with the peas, add to the minced meat. Mixture. Salt and pepper.
  8. Next, we proceed to the formation of the sausage. Put the plastic wrap on the table. I took three pieces of film, laid out overlapping to make a thick sausage. We spread the filling and form it with wet hands according to your favorite size.
  9. Use the film to form a sausage roll. Fasten the ends of the film on one side (I tied it).
  10. Turn it over and gently tamp it down so that the air comes out and a beautiful sausage is formed. Press down on top and also fasten the film.
  11. Here’s the loaf we have. Cook for a couple of 25-30 minutes. 25 minutes was enough for my sausage. Cool under low pressure. I covered it with a heavy flat lid. My sausage stood there all night. Cooked in the evening and for her, no one had)) You don’t need to cool down for so long.
  12. After cooling, release the sausage from the film.
  13. The sausage is cut very well. You can eat on sandwiches.
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