Apple Dessert Bread Recipe
Airy, tender, lush apple dessert bread. So fragrant… It seems that you are eating a bun. A very interesting and worthy alternative to apple pie. Come in, try to cook. It’s amazing!
Servings Prep Time
1loaf 15minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
1loaf 15minutes
Cook Time
  1. Peel the apples, cut into small cubes, put them in a cup and immediately pour lemon juice so that the apples do not darken. To interfere. 150-170 g. – the weight is indicated for already peeled fruits.
  2. Sprinkle the apples with 50 g of brown sugar (we will need 70 g later), mix, cover the cup with cling film and refrigerate for three hours (you can overnight).
  3. During this time, the apples will give juice, and the sugar will completely dissolve.
  4. Drain the syrup from the apples into a measuring cup. Add milk and pour in warm water so that 250 ml of liquid is obtained. Since apples can be of different juiciness, the exact amount of water is not specified.
  5. Sifted flour. Mix all the ingredients for the dough. Kneading the dough. If you use a bread maker for kneading dough, apples should be added five minutes before the end of the kneading process.
  6. The dough turns out soft, not tight and not dense. Put the dough in a bowl greased with vegetable oil, tighten with cling film and put it in a warm place for 40-45 minutes to approach.
  7. In about 45 minutes.
  8. On the work surface, lightly sprinkled with flour, put the dough that has come up, press down. Roll out into a layer about 1.5 cm thick . Sprinkle with brown sugar (the remaining 70 g).
  9. Twist the dough layer into a loose roll. Carefully secure the seam.
  10. Place the roll seam down in a suitable baking dish, greased with vegetable oil. The size of my form is 21x10x11 cm.
  11. Cover the mold with cling film and put it in the heat for 20-25 minutes for the approach.
  12. Bake the bread in a preheated 180°C oven for 50-55 minutes. 20 minutes before the end of the baking process, cover the bread pan with foil (if the crust turns out to be too brown). You can cook this bread in a bread maker – basic mode, medium crust.
  13. Cool the finished bread on the grill. You’re finished!
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