Quail with Grapes and Blue Cheese Recipe
I can’t remember where exactly I found on the Internet this is the principle of cooking quail. But it comes out perfect. Namely, in autumn it can be stuffed with my favorite pink grapes with blue cheese. It is very tasty, cook and help yourself!
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. To quail were juicy, they need to be soaked for 15 minutes in 6% salt solution. If we just salt it, the salt will draw out the moisture.
  2. And here just salt will help to keep moisture inside the quail in the baking process and make it juicier. But salt the bird before baking still have to. Such soaking will not lead to salting. Dissolve 60 g of salt in 1 liter of water and soak the quail.
  3. Then we continue to prepare the carcasses. Cut two phalanges from the wings. And barely NIPs the tips of the legs. These parts will still burn. You can throw these parts in the freezer to the soup set. You can give it to your Pets. I gave it to the seals under the porch.
  4. Now one more stage of preparation of quails. To skin quail was crispy, you need to crank the next ” feint ears.” Put two pots. One with boiling water, the other with ice. Each quail is lowered for 15 seconds in boiling water and for 15 seconds-in ice. And so repeat three times. Thanks to this technique, the fat on the skin will begin to melt. Lowering in cold water stops the process of cooking quail. All this is done quickly enough, so step-by-step photos could not be done.
  5. As a result, the quail will acquire such a shape. And the skin becomes thin. In the process of baking it will turn crispy. This is a photo of one not yet processed the bird. You can easily see the difference.
  6. Prepare the filling. Recently, just a fan of the combination of pink grapes and cheese with mold. I tried quail. At first, just mixed in the filling halves of grapes, cheese and spices, but the taste of cheese was lost in the taste of thyme.
  7. So I went the other way. A little longer, but tastier. Each grape is cut, not cutting to the end. Remove the bones.
  8. Cheese cut into small cubes. We have in the Dnieper now appeared on sale relatively inexpensive Polish cheese with mold of good quality. I buy it. If you are expensive, or You do not like cheese with mold, then take cheese or Adyghe. Suluguni, mozzarella or hard cheese will not work. Here you need a cheese that melts, but does not stretch. Cheese with mold turns into such a sauce.
  9. Instead of seeds, put a piece of cheese in each grape.
  10. With thyme tear off the leaves.
  11. In the melted butter, add the thyme and freshly ground black pepper and a little salt.
  12. Mix the butter with the stuffed grapes.
  13. Each quail is pricked from the inside with a fork, so that it is better soaked in spices during cooking. Only do it very carefully, so as not to damage the skin. Potseluem slightly inside the quail from the breast. Since we will bake the bird on the back, the lower part will be salted with salt from butter.
  14. Fill the quail with grapes and oil. Sufficiently dense.
  15. Send the birds in the sleeve for baking. And place in a preheated 180 degree oven first for 30 minutes.
  16. Then cut the sleeve, increase the temperature to 230 degrees and bake for another 15 minutes until Golden brown.
  17. We serve on the table and call relatives or guests!
  18. So it looks like the quail in a cut. Look how tender the meat is!
  19. And then the breast in the cut! Bon appetit.

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