Samosa Tatar Recipe
Dear cooks, I want to share with you my family samosa recipe. Come in!
Cook Time
Cook Time
  1. Preparation start with the test. Let’s prepare the liquid component first. Egg, water, salt, vinegar mix and put in the freezer.
  2. On the table, sift the flour and three grated frozen butter. Periodically mixing with flour.
  3. Thus, an oil-flour crumb is obtained.
  4. Then, in the flour mass, make a recess and pour the liquid component, which stood in the freezer.
  5. Quickly collect the dough. No need to knead! Just put together in a homogenous lump and all! Kneading the dough can be done in a bowl, but I’m used to on the table. So, a lump of dough wrapped in polyethylene and put in the freezer.
  6. While our dough is resting and cooling, we will do the filling. For this lamb (take fatty meat) cut into small-small cubes. If the meat comes across veins, they should be cut. Onion three on a coarse grater. Potatoes are also three on a coarse grater.
  7. In a bowl put the meat. From potatoes and onions squeeze the juice and put to the meat. Salt, pepper and mix. A bowl of minced meat is covered and put in the refrigerator.
  8. The dough is extracted from the freezer and divided into portions weighing 70 grams. If there are no scales, then focus on the size of a large chicken egg. The tray with the dough is sent to the refrigerator.
  9. While we were engaged in cutting the dough, the minced meat managed to infuse and you can start forming the samosa. Prepare the yolk to lubricate the blanks, mixing it with a tablespoon of water. Table podpisom and rolling pin with flour.
  10. Once all the dough from the refrigerator to get not worth it! Take 2-3 pieces. Alternately, roll them into a thin cake. In the middle put a tablespoon of minced meat. Spoon recruit full with a slide!
  11. Form triangles. Pinching the edges.
  12. Then bend the formed scallops. Put the workpiece on the baking sheet seam down. Baking sheet can be covered with parchment or a special Mat.
  13. Fill the pan. Lubricate the workpiece with yolk and send in a preheated 180 degree oven. Bake at 180-190 degrees for 40-45 minutes. To a beautiful Golden brown.
  14. While the first batch of samosa is baked, we form the second batch and put it in the refrigerator, covering it with polyethylene to avoid drying and chapping. After this time, remove the finished samosa from the oven, cover with a clean towel and give a rest for 15 minutes. Sent in to bake the second batch of the samosas with egg yolk.
  15. Here is such a is obtained samosa. Golden! Fragrant! With a crispy crust and juicy filling inside. Pay attention to how much puff pastry!
  16. Bon appetit!

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