Vegetables “Gemista” and Cooking Secrets Recipe
If you are in Greece, be sure to visit the street markets – Laiki (folk), where you can see and buy the freshest fruits and vegetables, seafood and fish, honey, olives, olives and other Goodies. There are more than 50 such bazaars every week, only in Athens. So I went to my weekly market on the next street and thought I’d buy some fruit… yeah, scored full kurozu (special truck)! And how to resist this riot of colors and flavors! Inspired by shopping, I decided-today in the menu Gemista! And how I cook it, come visit and find out!
Cook Time
Cook Time
Vegetables for stuffing:
  1. Vegetables: It doesn’t have to be me. You can use any of your favorites. The eternal dilemma – how much will fit in your baking dish, is solved simply – “try on” before cooking, placing them in the form. Large eggplants will be cut and put on the pop, so “try on” one. During the preparation of vegetables can be replaced or reversed, but the overall picture is clear.
  2. How to prepare vegetables correctly. Let’s start with pepper. Round pepper. It is better kept in shape and looks more beautiful if you install it on the side of the peduncle. Cut off the “lid” on top, by the way, all of them, or rather all the vegetables, we will need. Use a teaspoon with a sharp spout to remove the seeds.
  3. Long pepper is released from the seeds in this way.
  4. Tomatoes should be ripe, but not soft. The lid of the tomato is not cut off until the end, and the pulp and juice are preserved.
  5. Potatoes (3 PCs) are cleaned. Make a deep hole, and cut the flesh into small pieces and send it to the plate with the tomato pulp.
  6. We do the same with zucchini.
  7. And with eggplants, cut each into 2 parts. The lid for the 2nd part will serve as a round bottom of the eggplant.
  8. Finely chop the onion. Pass the garlic through a press or RUB it.
  9. Pre-soaked in water with 1 tbsp vinegar mint, squeeze and finely chop.
  10. Add the onion, garlic and mint to the chopped vegetables and mix. Add the grated tomatoes, oil, salt, black and Cayenne pepper, and mix. Try it, add salt if necessary. Um… it’s already delicious, I imagine it will be ready-made.
  11. Should stand out a lot of juice, if not, then add more tomatoes.
  12. How much rice should I add? Count how many servings of sliced vegetables you got. For each serving, there is 1 full tablespoon of rice. I have 17, so I will add 17 tbsp of rice to the vegetables. Mix everything together, the filling is ready. PS by the Way, if you cook only with rice, then count 2 tablespoons of rice for 1 vegetable. If with minced meat, then 1/2 tbsp of rice.
  13. Fill it with vegetables, watering the juice released in the filling. Cut the remaining potatoes and place them in the space between the vegetables.
  14. Cover all vegetables with lids. Sauce: Punch the tomatoes, oil and spices with a blender. Pour the vegetables on top.
  15. I had just a little of the filling left, which I wrapped in foil and placed on top of the low vegetables.
  16. Close the top of the mold tightly with foil and bake in a preheated 200″C oven for 1 hour, check the readiness of the stuffed potatoes (they are baked longer), if necessary, cover with foil again and send to the oven. At the end of baking, remove the foil and allow the vegetables to brown, and the juice that separated the vegetables to evaporate, and only the oil remains.
  17. Gemista is a ladero (buttery) dish that is served both hot and cold, I like it in any form. Be sure to prepare gemista for your loved ones, it is delicious and very satisfying, although it is prepared without meat! Serve with feta cheese and fresh bread.
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