Spicy Cupcake with Drunk Raisins Recipe
Why is raisin drunk? He got “drunk” on coffee liquor for two days. Winter cake with spices: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg. Flavorful, new year’s, simple and quick to execute thanks to the food processor. Of course, the dough can be made manually.
Cook Time
Cook Time
For the dough:
For raisins:
For filing:
  1. I knew that I would bake a cupcake with “drunk” raisins and so I filled the raisins with coffee liqueur 2 days before baking. First I steamed the raisins, dried them with a paper towel, and then poured coffee liqueur over them. You can also use other alcohol. On the second day, I added a little more liquor, since the raisins had absorbed it all. We prepare everything we need for the cake. I have a ready-made spicy baking mix that you can assemble yourself at home if you have the spices that I specified in the ingredients.
  2. For kneading the dough, I will use a food processor. I had sour milk, which can be replaced with kefir or sour cream. I put it in the bowl of the combine and poured out the semolina. Minutes 10 gave it swell. Butter melted in the microwave for 55 seconds at a power of 800. You can melt it in a water bath.
  3. Then I added all the ingredients at once. Sifted flour with baking powder. I’ll put the raisins in the finished dough later.
  4. The combine coped with the test in 1 minute. First, in the regime №2 – 30 seconds, and then pulsed for 30 seconds. The dough is ready. The dough for the cake can be made by hand, connecting all the ingredients sequentially with a whisk.
  5. We spread the “drunk” raisins in it along with the uneaten alcohol.
  6. The amount of dough is calculated on the form ~ 18 cm. I have a form of 20 cm. Just the cake will be thinner. Spread the cake in the form. I use silicone. It doesn’t need to be greased. Put in the oven preheated to t-180 C, setting the time 40 minutes.
  7. After 35 minutes, I checked the cupcake “for dry kindling”. The dough does not stick to the beam-ready! Let the cake cool in the form. Focus on your oven.
  8. Laid out on a dish for serving easily.
  9. I will sprinkle the cooled cake with powdered sugar through a new year’s stencil.
  10. Serve!
  11. Here is a beautiful cupcake in the section.
  12. Closer cut.

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