Galetta “A La Ratatouille” on Pumpkin Dough Recipe

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Ratatouille-a dish that was born in Provence, and then quickly spread throughout the southern region of the country, is now known and loved by many not only in France but throughout the world. Classic Ratatouille must contain zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, tomatoes. Vegetables are cooked in olive oil with onions and / or / garlic and, of course, Provencal herbs – fresh or dry. Modern cooks, of course, often modify the recipe in every way, as it happens with all known classic recipes. Let me introduce you to my version. In this recipe, I used Ratatouille as a pie filling. Suitable when just vegetable stew is a little boring. Pumpkin dough is a godsend. It is nutritious, tasty, bright!