Wheat and Rye Galette with Potatoes Recipe
Lenten wheat and rye galette with mashed potatoes, fried Peking cabbage, onion, garlic, Basil and soy sauce. Tasty and healthy, crispy, good and hot and cold.
Cook Time
Cook Time
For the dough:
For filling:
  1. Potatoes clean and cut, boil in salted water. When the potatoes are cooked, drain almost all the water from it-make a dense puree. You can add a little sunflower oil. I didn’t. Oil will suffice.
  2. Make the dough. Combine rye and wheat flour and add sugar and salt. Stir. In boiling water, pour the oil, connect.
  3. Make dough. The dough is perfectly kneaded and does not stick to the hands.
  4. Spread on the surface and roll the ball out of the dough. Let him wait until we make the stuffing.
  5. Finely cut cabbage, onions and garlic, I finely cut.
  6. On a heated frying pan, put garlic in the oil, and a minute later-onions. Fry for a minute.
  7. Spread the cabbage and fry it for 3 minutes, pour the soy sauce, stir, make a couple of minutes. Do not add salt. I had sauce. Make a good choice.
  8. Spread the contents of the pan to the mashed potatoes and connect.
  9. Add the dry Basil. Can parsley and dill. To your taste. Pepper, if you like.
  10. Roll out dough. I do in the form of pizza D-24 cm, and this test is just enough for this cake.
  11. Spread the filling like this, leaving the edges ~ 3 cm.
  12. Turn the edges nicely, with tongs. Brush with sunflower oil roll the dough. Put in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at t-180 C. be Guided by your oven.
  13. Galette is ready.
  14. Here is such a the beautiful and very tasty!
  15. Festive galette will decorate your Lenten dining table or you will serve it for Breakfast or dinner. It tastes great, with a crispy crust try)

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