Salad of Savoy Cabbage “Krakow” Recipe


Savoy cabbage is not a very frequent guest in kitchens, this product is little known, and it is not often found in stores. Even gardeners quite often neglect the Italian guest (however, here the question is moot) in favor of our classic white. And yet completely in vain. Savoy cabbage is a complex vegetable – it combined a lot of advantages and at the same time remained unique. It tastes like Savoy cabbage, namikawa cabbage, Beijing lettuce, and added its own spicy note. It is believed that Savoy cabbage is the most rich in vitamins and other beneficial properties of all cabbage, while it is not inferior to white cabbage in maturation, and its range of application is very wide. Today I will offer you a quick and delicious salad based on this interesting vegetable.