Lean Burger with a Patty Made of Lentils Recipe

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Lean Burger with a Patty made of lentils and guacamole. In the post, it is especially important to add more vegetable protein to your diet. One of the leaders in its content is lentils. This is a great product, from it you can cook a lot of very different dishes. For example, today I want to offer you to try lentil cutlets. And in order to make the dish more satisfying and interesting, I suggest using these cutlets in an unusual lean Burger. As an accompaniment for lentils, I chose one of my favorite sauces – guacamole. It refreshes the dish and makes it juicy. In lentil cutlets, I added potatoes for better stickiness and curry for the flavor and taste of the East. All this together resulted in a very tasty Lenten Burger!