Soldier’s Kulesh Recipe

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War, front I… cooking? The subjects seem to be difficult to match. Each-his own: one in the trench – soaked in the Creek breadcrumbs, the other in the office-specially brought from the capital by plane delicacy… When guns speak, the muses seems to be supposed to remain silent. Including Coline – the patron Saint of cooks. But, as the Russian people say, as you will fall, and you will sink. In other words, war is war, and lunch is on schedule. And today, when the interest in the culinary side of our lives has grown dramatically, there is almost no one to tell that the Russian soldier, like two hundred years ago, could cook porridge even with an axe, and his gastronomic savvy was to match the ability to beat the adversary. This is one of the most widely used recipes during the war. Kulesh-a thick soup or not very thick, but very hearty porridge.