Assorted Cookies Recipe


A practical recipe for crumbly, fragrant and very tasty shortbread cookies. The practicality lies in the fact that from one batch of dough we will get five types of cookies. It is prepared from available products, it looks beautiful on the table, it is ideal for children’s holidays.

Backhandl Recipe


Today I want to share with you a recipe for a simple but original dish that is pre-marinated in lemon. The chicken turns out tender and insanely delicious.

Backhandl (Viennese chicken) is a dish of Austrian cuisine, which has been prepared in Austria since the XVIII century. This dish was considered the food of aristocrats, as it was distinguished by a special aroma and delicate taste.

In order for the Backhandl to turn out juicy and tasty, it must be sprinkled with lemon juice, salted and peppered and marinated for at least an hour.

Pangasius in Sour Cream Batter in a Frying Pan Recipe


Not so long ago, I cooked “Pangasius in cheese batter and Pangasius in egg” and this time I wanted to cook “Pangasius in sour cream batter” and see what happens. And it turned out all the same delicious, and it’s nowhere easier to prepare. And as a side dish, I had rice. Thank you all for your attention, everyone, have a good mood.