Osso-Buco in Cheese Sauce with Vegetables Recipe


Osso-buko or ossobuco is a very strange and extremely unusual name for our perception, because not everyone knows what exactly is hidden behind it. In fact, it’s very simple: osso-buco is a stewed beef drumstick, a traditional dish of Lombardy cuisine. It is no less readily prepared in other regions of Italy, and each of them has its own peculiarities of cooking osso-buco. The finished dish is usually served with vegetables, polenta, risotto or pasta, and it is difficult to say which option will taste better – they are all good in their own way! And our current version is osso-buco in cheese sauce with vegetables. Aromatic beef with healthy and delicious vegetables, generously flavored with a sauce made on the basis of melted cheese – an excellent option for the upcoming hot holiday feast!