Smoked Paella Recipe

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When I first went to Barcelona, I really wanted to try the real Spanish paella. But the locals, well-versed in cooking, told me that the “real” paella should be tried in Valencia, and also warned that you should not go for paella in places located on every corner on tourist routes. Instead, I was offered to try and book a table at a small restaurant that is famous for its cuisine and is revered by the locals. I managed to get there not the first time, in fact, all the places were reserved, but when I got there, I was very surprised. It was there that I met the most unusual paella of all that I have ever tried. It was smoked! To somehow diversify the recipes of paellas present on the site, I decided to reproduce the same, unusual, smoked paella, and at the same time to acquaint others with such an interesting option and an unconventional approach.