Salad “Samurai” Recipe


More recently, I learned that in Japan, the familiar daylily buds are used for food. It’s no secret that many flowers are used in cooking: chrysanthemums, pansies, etc. And here is a new option – daylily buds. They are cooked separately, used as a side dish or stewed with other products to give them a new taste. As a very inquisitive person in the field of cooking, I decided to try what it is for myself. I barely waited for my daylilies to reach the desired ripeness, and cooked them. I will tell you that it is very, very tasty! A delicate vegetable taste, very similar to young asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower, but much more tender and delicious. Many grow these flowers, I strongly recommend you to try this option. They are put in soup, on the second course or in salads. But it is best to boil it or stew it. Today I offer you a Japanese salad with seafood, mushrooms and young daylily buds..