Mashed Potatoes “Shrimp on the Beach” Recipe


Came to me when the task is to feed the three young “handsome”. With my no – he’s not picky, eats almost anything. The second kid from a religious family, although not in compliance with “strict” post, but parents are asked not to offer meat products at the time (well at least were warned in advance). With the third-much worse! In order that the child would normally eat something other than candy is necessary: to dance in front of him Gopak, arrange a circus with clowns, can launch a rocket to the moon, and so on… And of course each plate must be the same dish, otherwise, they will start fighting… In General, I had to dig in the fridge, loaf and ended up with such a thing. The name was invented by his son: the color of the puree with sauce reminded him of the color of sand, and shrimp – beachgoers on the sun loungers.