Adana-Kebab Recipe

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Kebab is a dish of minced meat strung on a skewer and baked on a grill. The dish is a popular version of street fast food in Turkish, Caucasian and Asian cuisines. To keep the kebab well on a skewer, the minced meat must be kneaded for a long time and carefully until its consistency becomes viscous and sticky. After all, there are no binding components in minced meat (eggs and bread). Part of Adana kebab in addition to meat and onions included a paste of paprika and spicy red pepper. For a brighter taste, I advise you to pre-bake Bulgarian and hot peppers. In my recipe, I will use a mixture of minced beef and lamb. Beef is used chopped, and mutton is twisted in a meat grinder with a large grate. After cooking, the minced meat must stand in a cool place for at least a day.