Mexican Fajitas with a Side Dish Recipe


Fajitas (Fajitas) is one of the most popular and traditional Mexican dishes. Fajitas is not just fried meat in a tortilla (corn tortilla), but also necessarily a traditional set of side dishes or sauces: black bean paste, rice with Mexican spices, Pico de Gallo sauce and sour cream. Meat, beans and rice are prepared with traditional Mexican spices: cumin, oregano and, of course, seasoned with lime juice. Without onions and hot pepper in this kitchen, too, can not do. All these ingredients harmoniously complement each other and create a unique flavor of Mexican cuisine. Traditionally, for Fajitas use quite cheap and not very soft cuts of beef: peritoneum, flank and cut (flank, round, skirt, London broil, etc.). Therefore, it is very important for Fajitas to cut the meat into very thin strips – across the fibers. Then the meat is cooked and remains juicy, cook them over very high heat. Of course, no One will forbid you to cook Fajitas from the more expensive – steak cuts: thick edge, thin edge, shackles, rump and rump, and of course the tenderloin. Although, in this case, it will be not quite traditional Fajita.