Backhandl Recipe


Today I want to share with you a recipe for a simple but original dish that is pre-marinated in lemon. The chicken turns out tender and insanely delicious.

Backhandl (Viennese chicken) is a dish of Austrian cuisine, which has been prepared in Austria since the XVIII century. This dish was considered the food of aristocrats, as it was distinguished by a special aroma and delicate taste.

In order for the Backhandl to turn out juicy and tasty, it must be sprinkled with lemon juice, salted and peppered and marinated for at least an hour.

Hot Dog Potato-Cheese in Korean Recipe


The thirst for travel, new emotions, impressions pulls us forward, forcing us to leave our comfort zone, find new countries and routes. We are Far Easterners, we are more inclined to travel around Asia on vacation or to work, since it is not far from us. And when you are inquisitive and have a penchant for cooking, then from each trip you bring ingredients for dishes, new tastes and recipes that you will repeat at home in Russia. So the piggy banks of recipes of each hostess are replenished. Today we will cook Hot dogs – a popular street food of South Korea. I invite you to a virtual trip to Korea!

Hunting-Style Meatballs Recipe


“Avji koftesi” translates as “Hunting meatballs” – a dish from the menu of the Ottoman court, served at a reception at the Sultan in honor of the palace military leaders. Initially, it was prepared from chopped meat in a cauldron on an open fire, served in shallow copper plates. With the increasing influence of European cuisine, the dish received a European addition in the form of additional ingredients and cooking methods. Nowadays, this dish is in the diet of all Turkish houses. Each hostess prepares it in her own way, but the main ingredients invariably remain-small meatballs, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Potato Pie with Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe


Today I’m back with a recipe from an old Soviet book. He attracted my attention with an unusual way of making potato dough. It looks like a potato sponge cake, which is probably why the dough turns out to be unusually tender. The filling in the pie is chicken-mushroom with the use of dried mushrooms. Breadcrumbs on the surface of the pie create an unusually crisp crust. In general, it’s delicious! Very TASTY!