Rustic Wheat Bread “Pome” Recipe


I’m not a very experienced Baker. But when I saw this bread, I wanted to cook it. Expectations were met-the bread turned out very tasty, the crumb is airy and, at the same time, heavy due to the large number of seeds, the taste is so rich that you want another piece. We do not like airy, weightless bread, so this bread fully corresponded to our taste. The preparation is not at all troublesome. Trying it? It is a pity that the day was overcast and the photo did not convey all the beauty and crumb of bread.

Pizza “Primavera” Recipe


5 secrets of cooking. That’s it – people love pizza! Only it is not put, and that only it is not called! Meanwhile, pizza is not everything that lies naked under a layer of cheese on the dough. This is a dish whose recipe has its own rules, a dish in which the taste of the dough and the ingredients for its filling is good. Even the simplest pizza Margarita (dough + sauce + cheese + base), but perfectly cooked, is self-sufficient and does without filling.

The fact is that a good pizza has several secrets. I would like to consider this with the example of Primavera pizza, which means “Spring Pizza” in Italian. And this is a spring dish, because it uses young fresh vegetables and does not use meat ingredients. This makes it, compared to regular pizza, lighter and fresher, which is so important in spring.