Donuts with Pumpkin Filling Recipe

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I suggest you try with me donuts stuffed with pumpkin with citrus flavor. Do not look that the product is flour, pumpkin compensates everything. In pumpkin contains very few calories (22 kcal per 100 g)and it normalizes the intestines. The secret of extremely tasty doughnuts in the dough, which when it gets into the hot oil, increases in size in seconds. The composition of the test includes water and vodka, getting into the hot oil, water and vodka, evaporating push out the dough in pairs and it instantly rises, just as quickly less than a minute is covered with a crust on both sides. Inside the donut oil does not get for the same reasons, so donuts are not greasy. As a filling, I used pumpkin rings, but you can also take rings of pears, apples. It is better to eat hot.