Backhandl Recipe


Today I want to share with you a recipe for a simple but original dish that is pre-marinated in lemon. The chicken turns out tender and insanely delicious.

Backhandl (Viennese chicken) is a dish of Austrian cuisine, which has been prepared in Austria since the XVIII century. This dish was considered the food of aristocrats, as it was distinguished by a special aroma and delicate taste.

In order for the Backhandl to turn out juicy and tasty, it must be sprinkled with lemon juice, salted and peppered and marinated for at least an hour.

Frittatenzuppe Recipe


Frittatensuppe (Frittatensuppe) – broth with thinly sliced pancakes. Soups in Austria are traditionally cooked in meat broth. Beef broth with various dressings turns into delicious dishes. In Austria, it is served as an appetizer rather than a main dish, unlike our cuisine.

Pizza-tart with Baked Pepper Recipe


I share my family pizza recipe. Stored since autumn, baked and frozen sweet peppers allow you to make this pizza on any winter day and delight us with its sweet taste. A large amount of baked pepper makes this dish not only fragrant, sweet, but also quite useful. It is healthier than regular pizza, as the dough is made from a mixture of unbleached wheat flour and wholemeal flour; the filling contains more pepper, does not contain any smoked meat, and the cheese is not baked under direct heating of the upper spiral of the oven. Less trans fat is formed, since this dish is sprinkled with cheese 10 minutes before cooking, so that it melts, but does not dry out (so that the fat does not separate from it as in ordinary purchased pizzas). This dish is slightly sweet due to the pepper and spicy due to the spices.