Francesinha Recipe


Francesinha is a Portuguese dish. The main place of its habitat – the region of the Port. Conventionally, francesinha could be called a large sandwich consisting of various types of sausages and meat, covered with cheese and richly poured with a unique sauce. But it’s not that simple. The Portuguese themselves consider their francesina not a sandwich, but a full-fledged, satisfying second course. At the same time, it is quite difficult to meet it somewhere in the South or in Lisbon. But in the Port – on the contrary – on every corner, in every restaurant, and even in the narrow franchising. The dish itself is quite young. It was invented in 1953 by a chef who returned from France and tried to adapt the CROC Monsieur that he liked to local tastes. Francesinha then translates as”little Frenchwoman”. But francesinha became widely known a little later. At the moment, the restaurant where the first francesinha was made still exists and feels great. But at the same time, there are many other establishments, each of which has its own unique sauce recipe. The sauce itself is the most important thing in this dish. Bread, meat-all in plain sight. But what the restaurant made its sauce from is a secret. Therefore, from the restaurant to the tastes francesinha can differ significantly. And many residents often have their favorite places with the only correct francesinha.