Cake with Orange Cream Lean Recipe


On the eve of the New Year, many of us think about what dishes will be on the festive table. In our environment, there are always people who fast, because there is a Christmas fast. Finding a recipe for delicious lean pastries is not so easy. I want to make it easier for you and offer a cake that is not inferior to the taste of baking with cream, butter, eggs, berry mousses. The bright orange-chocolate taste of this cake is off the scale. The cakes are soft, tender, moist. We’re trying. In my cookbook, finally, there is such an unusual cake that you want to put on the festive table. It is prepared quickly, simply, without any problems. And there are not very many products. And if you bake the cake in advance, then the cake will generally require a minimum of time, because both the cream and icing are prepared very quickly within 5 minutes.