Greek Salad Recipe


One of the most popular dishes in the world is the Greek salad. In Greece itself, it is called a “Rustic” salad. And indeed, the set of products for him is elementary and will be found in every housewife living in those parts. Now this salad is generally a symbol of Mediterranean cuisine and is found all over the world, both in cheap eateries and in elite restaurants. There are a huge number of versions and legends about its origin, but I will not retell them, if you want, you will find it yourself, in the end))) My version of the Greek salad is a little different from the classic serving, but I wanted to make it more interesting than just coarsely chopped ingredients in a bowl. The most important thing in this dish is the quality of the products, only then you will get exactly the taste that is needed – tomatoes should be sweet, cucumbers crispy, olive oil fragrant and, of course, the most important ingredient is cheese! It is then that you will get an incomparable taste pleasure and will cook this delicious (and healthy!) salad again and again.